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Skepticule shownotes for episode 048 20130526

This is the forty-eighth episode of Skepticule — aka the Tri-Paul-Pod

Paul Thompson ("Sinbad")
The Skeptical Probe

Paul Orton, militant agnostic
Missing God Gene

Paul S. Jenkins
Notes from an Evil Burnee

James Croft and the Harvard Humanists
Reason Rally 2012
Boston's First Atheist/ Humanist Community Centre:
Money-raising for the Community Centre:
See also 'Godless Congregation' section below

Ethical Societies
Boston Ethical Society:
St. Louis Ethical Society:
Boston Atheists:
South Place Ethical Society (now Conway Hall Ethical Society):

The Sunday Assembly
Sunday Assembly
York Hall Leisure Centre (new home of the London Sunday Assembly):
Skepticule episode 41 on the Sunday Assembly:  (Also on iTunes)
Sunday Assembly tagline: Live better, help often, wonder more
Link to our blogposts on the Sunday Assy

Skeptics in the Pub

Boston Interfaith Service
Full Facebook original discussion on the interfaith service: (for the full original discussion)
Paul J's blog post on the discussion in the 'secret' Unbelievable group:

The Godless Congregation
Greig Epstein- Humanist Chaplain at Harvard poll referred to by James re about a third of the US being non-religious:
Simon & Schuster publishers:
James Croft's email address for those who have attended a godless congregation or have thought about 

Rebecca Vitzmun/ Wolf Blitzer
Interview: "You've gotta thank the Lord, right?"  "I'm actually an atheist":
Glen Beck's Blaze TV is a pay channel, so no link.

American Humanists Association:

Alpha Course
Simon Clare blog on the Alpha Course:

The Pope
Catholic Church confirms atheists still go to hell, after Pope Francis suggests they might go to heaven: 
Catholic teaching on redemption, justification, salvation and forgiveness:  
Council of Trent 6th session:,  

Jonathan Pearce (Pearced Off): 
Jonathan Pearce on the Kalam Cosmological Argument and Libertarian Free Will: 
Roderick Chism, 1964: "Each of us, when we act, is a prime mover unmoved. In doing what we do, we cause certain events to happen, and nothing — or no one — causes us to cause these events to happen."
Robert Kane 1996: "Free will is a power of agents to be the ultimate creators or originators and sustainers of their own ends or purposes."  "When we trace the causal or explanatory chains of action back to their sources in the purposes of free agents, these causal chains must come to an end or terminate in the willings (choices, decisions, or efforts) of the agents, which cause or bring about their purposes."

William Lane Craig
Wikipedia entry on Kalam Cosmological Argument: 
William Lane Craig on 'God, Time and Eternity':

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