Monday, January 25, 2016


Skepticule 109: Theresa May: Internet snooping, Anonymity; Fossilised trees; Scam-busting; Unbelievable?: PZ Myers vs Perry Marshall, Evolution 2.0; "True" Islam and violent Jihad; Cologne; TTPMO: Paul O's Hotpants.


What are Theresa May's motives for trying to force through the resurrection of the Communications Data Bill or "snoopers' charter?
Theresa May to introduce plans for new internet snooping powers

Anonymous Steve sends in a location report from Bryn Celli Ddu in Anglesey. Are there signs of human activity on fossilised trees?
Original Documentary:

Scam-busting: Randi exposes Popoff, Paul T exposes a charity scam to the Christians, Richard Saunders and Power Balance Bands, Hayley Stevens and the real Dowser.

The Unbelievable? show on Premier Christian Radio features PZ Myers and Perry Marshall debating Perry's new-fangled theory of Evolution 2.0. A good example of the Dunning Kruger effect.

Johno's piece this time discusses the desirability of criticising violent religion.

Mobs of Asylum seekers cause trouble in Cologne.

Paul O Insists on wearing shorts all year round.

Editing & shownotes: Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson ("Sinbad")
The Skeptical Probe

Paul Orton, militant agnostic

Paul S. Jenkins
Notes from an Evil Burnee

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