Monday, May 26, 2014


Skepticule 073: Psychic Sally embarrassment; Advertising Scientology; Skeptical futility; Near Death Hypoxia; Conceptual Nitty Gritty;


Sally Morgan
A Rather Embarrassing Night for Psychic Sally in Middlesbrough
Mark Edward
Hayley Stevens
Be Reasonable podcast — Vicki Monroe
Derek Acorah
Sally Morgan Live - Southsea (11/6/2010)

James Randi Debunks Peter Popoff Faith Healer

Is this Scientology advert playing on the vulnerable?

Coronation Street
Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)
Will Watling at Portsmouth Skeptics in the Pub (photos on Google+)

Anonymous Steve — Attribution of beliefs and desires
Carolin Crawford
Spirit Science
James Lovelock — Gaia theory
Dog Whisperer

"Death is not final" debate — Intelligence Squared

Eben AlexanderProof of Heaven
Raymond Moody
Sean Carroll
Steven Novella
God and Cosmology — Sean Carroll vs William Lane Craig

Carl SaganThe Demon-Haunted World
Ellen G. White
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Pearced OffJonathan MS Pearce
The Big Questions — BBC1
CrackergatePZ Myers

Editing & shownotes: Paul S. Jenkins

Paul Thompson ("Sinbad")
The Skeptical Probe

Paul Orton, militant agnostic
Missing God Gene

Paul S. Jenkins
Notes from an Evil Burnee

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