Sunday, April 20, 2014


Skepticule 068: Secularist of the Year; The Free Market; The Banking System; Matt Dillahunty vs Sye Ten Bruggencate; Fundamentalism = Mental Illness?; Unholy Questions;


Paul Orton reports on the NSS, Secularist of the Year Awards.
Safak Parvey
Abhishek Phadnis
Chris Moos
Jesus and Mo

Anonymous Steve talks about the Free Market.
Do we really have a free market economy or are the markets controlled by the big players?
Could the trillions we poured into the world banking system have been used more effectively to construct a better system?

Paul Jenkins asks if it's a good idea for Matt Dillahunty to debate Presuppositional Apologist Sye Ten Bruggencate.

Paul Thompson asks if the fanatical rantings and hate speech from fundamentalist Christians constitute a Sociopathic Disorder.

Malaysian Airlines MH370 rant by Jim Solouki

Triarchic Psychopathy.

Johno Pearce poses some questions from his book "The little book of unholy questions".

"In The Image of God", what does that actually mean?

Editing & shownotes: Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson ("Sinbad")
The Skeptical Probe

Paul Orton, militant agnostic
Missing God Gene

Paul S. Jenkins
Notes from an Evil Burnee

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