Sunday, June 5, 2011


Skepticule Extra shownotes for episode 006 20110529

This is the sixth episode of Skepticule Extra, also known (for this episode) as the Four Pauls Show.

Paul Baird
Patient and Persistent

Paul Thompson ("Sinbad")
Atheists vs Gods

Paul S. Jenkins
Notes from an Evil Burnee

Special Guest:
Professor Paul S. Braterman, MA, DPhil, DSc
British Centre for Science Education

NCSEEugenie Scott
Kitzmiller v. Dover: Intelligent Design on Trial
Truth in Science
Creationism promoted at St Peter's Church of England School, ExeterAiG Facebook page
CrISIS petition
Centre for Intelligent DesignNorman Nevin
Christian Schools TrustSylvia Baker
Continuing Wee Frees

Many thanks to Professor Braterman for agreeing to be on the show.

Faith-healing lessons
Faith-healing lessons (alternative link)
The Ultimate Treasure Hunt — instructions for faith-healing (PDF) 
Fundamentalist Bethel Church

Answers in Genesis
Institute for Creation Research
Genesis AgendumWorld Around Us

Eric MacDonald — Choice in Dying
Why won't Richard Dawkins debate William Lane Craig?

How Modern Spam Works
Click Trajectories: End-to-End Analysis of the Spam Value Chain (PDF)

Unbelievable? — Premier Christian Radio (streaming audio of episode discussed)
Matt Flannagan
Glenn Peoples
Kohlberg's stages of moral development
Matt Ridley: The Origins of Virtue
Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn

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